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Rocky Mountain Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum

Rocky Mountain Juniper Suitability Chart

Rocky Mountain juniper is native to northwest Nebraska. It is similar in appearance to eastern redcedar with a more compact pyramidal shape. It's drought resistant, prefers slightly alkaline soils, and retains a bluish-green color throughout winter. It is best used on the north and west outside rows in windbreaks.

Rocky Mountain juniper is subject to the same insect and disease problems as eastern redcedar. Rocky Mountain juniper is more susceptible than eastern redcedar to Cercospora blight, which is very common in eastern Nebraska. Rocky Mountain juniper is not recommended for planting in the eastern half of Nebraska.

Height at 20 Years: 10-20'

Height at Full Maturity: 15-25'

Suggested Spacing Within Rows: 12-16'

Suggested Spacing Between Rows: 12-24'

Rocky Mountain Juniper Rocky Mountain Juniper Detail