NRD Tree Services

All NRDs administer tree planting programs to provide trees and shrubs for windbreaks, erosion control, wildlife habitat, and other conservation purposes.

Each NRD program varies, but possible tree program services include: planting; weed barrier installation or weed control; and drip irrigation.


NRDs may offer both hand-plant (planted by purchaser) and machine-plant (planted by the NRD) options for trees. Some NRDs may also offer tree planters for rent by district residents.

Pricing and availability of tree planting services vary from district to district; please contact your local NRD for more information.

Weed Barrier & Weed Control

Weed Barrier Installation

Many NRDs offer weed barrier for tree plantings. The barrier can make tree planting projects nearly maintenance-free by preventing grass and weed growth, and it also helps retain moisture for the seedlings. The weed barrier material is a black polypropylene fabric with the appearance of tightly woven burlap. Installation can be done either by the NRD or by landowners themselves. The barrier is generally available in 6-foot-wide rolls in 300- or 500- foot lengths. Partial rolls may also be purchased.

While the use of weed barrier greatly reduces the need for mechanical or chemical weed control, some NRDs provide those services where weed barrier is not used.

Check with your local NRD for current pricing and availability of weed control options.

Drip Irrigation

Some NRDs sell drip irrigation systems for newly planted trees. The systems improve tree survival rate by providing water to the seedlings in Nebraska’s notoriously hot, dry summers. The systems allow for more efficient watering of seedlings by dripping the water where and when plants need it. There is little or no evaporation and virtually no runoff.

Drip irrigation systems are made up of hose or tubing, filters, pressure regulators, couplers, and emitters. A well-planned drip system can have a tremendous impact on the young trees’ survival and growth.

Drip irrigation systems are eligible for cost share assistance through several state and federal programs.

Check with your local NRD for current pricing and availability of drip irrigation.